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We lost our medical insurance unexpectedly when our employer failed to make payment to the insurance company (though he withheld premiums from our check). Once we learned the policy could not be reinstated and that the insurance company wasn't willing to work with employer (probably because this wasn't the first time) we went scurrying to see what we could do until my husband found a new job and get through any wait period to sign up for insurance. I tried getting quotes online. It seems that USHealth Advisors is one of only a couple of options even though it looks like there are many choices (everything end up coming back to the same couple of companies).

Once submitting a quote, we started getting numerous phone calls and emails. I thought we had many choices until I realized all the different agents we from USHealth Advisors. Each one claims they had been assigned to help us. So, it's not the same person calling repeatedly, it's all of the same company's agents apparently competing with each other for the available opportunity to make money.

For our case, we not only need medial coverage, but also a prescription plan. The first agent I had talked to seem to indicate $10 coverage for generics and $30 for name brands as well as monthly premiums of a little over $300 and we could be covered by the next day. Though sounding like a good deal, we fortunately opted to "sleep on it."

The following day I tried to do additional research. By now I was being inundated by all the phone calls and wondering why would so many adivsors from the same company be trying to get our business. I looked up the name of the group plan I had been given and discovered that all of the plans listed were basically for secondary insurance coverage, not major medical. There are limits to the number of doctor visits per year. Not a single one of them had a prescription plan and just noted there was a prescription discount available. Basically the plans offered paying out money for you to use however you want to help cover what you need (something like Afflac).

I wondered why I wasn't seeing any of the big guns like Blue Cross, Aetna, ect., in my search for insurance. I went to their websites and they either have nothing in regards to buying a plan or actually state they are not selling any plans for 2018. That now makes me wonder why they are not selling while you can get a plan through USHealth Advisors. They must not be the same animal.

The final tipping point was when I went to look at reviews for USHealth Advisors and saw what a former agent posted in regards to his experience with customers who bought a plan and upset with what they got. As an example, he stated that the $10 generic/$30 name brand drug price is not the customer's copay, but rather what the insurance company pays toward each rx. Since three of my drugs would cost about $1800 in one month, saving only $90 is not acceptable. This explains why it states there is only a discount for drugs on the website while the agent I had talked to is either confused about his product or is trying to make us think the company pays out more than it does. Either way, it makes them someone I don't want to deal with.

So if you are very healthy and only need something to tie you over until you get something else and are willing to risk having some minor medical issues, maybe one of these plans will work for you. If you want to be sure you are not stuck with massive out-of-pocket for a major medical issue, need to see a doctor several times during the year, need prescription coverage, and things like regular labwork (yes, things like bloodwork and xrays are not covered at all) then you may as well save the cost of the premiums for this company and pay the bills yourself until you can get something elsewhere. Unfortunately for us we cannot even get into the government marketplace since we didn't know about our coverage cancellation until the time frame to get in on special enrollment was up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ushealth Advisors Health Plan.

Reason of review: Possible misrepresentation of product.

Preferred solution: nothing.

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Ushealth Advisors Verified Representative

With what you just described you would not qualify (not everyone does) for the Premier Choice plan from USHealth Advisors. Three drugs costing $1800.00?

You would be better off with the ACA plans. You might try https://www.goodrx.com/ or https://prescriptionhope.com/ for big discounts on drugs.


We came close to buying insurance through USHealth Advisors because when we talked to the first advisor who responded to our request for a quote, he made it sound like what we were looking for. He even told us that prescriptions were $10 for generics and $30 for name brands.

Being desperate for medical coverage, we actually thought we would sign up but told the agent we wanted a day to make certain it was the right decision. Well, good thing we did as it gave me more time to research and receive calls from all of their other agents.

The plans offered would not have helped us.I just wanted to post our experience and let others who may be in a situation like ours to be careful. I am sure the plans offered here may be okay for some people with different needs, but there is a reason you can buy a plan from them right now but have to wait to enroll in a plan from BlueCross BlueShield, Aetna, HIghmark, United Health, etc.


So you didn't actually get insurance...but you still posted a review?


If your husband lost his job, that is considered a major life change, so you would qualify for obama care. Call Marketplace.gov or go online. You should be able to get coverage.

to chris #1460787

We do not qualify for the special enrollment due to the fact that there is only a sixty day window to apply which starts the day previous coverage was cancelled. Because the employer did not tell us the policy had been terminated (we only found out accidentally when rejection of coverage letter came from the insurance company) the window to apply through the government marketplace had closed. We did call and explain our situation and tried to apply but was denied due to it being more than sixty days.

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