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That about says it all ! They tell you one thing then you get your premium bill for your medical insurance and it's a completely different amount and so is the coverage that you were told you'd get, along with the deductible.

And just try getting a claim paid ! Forget it. Don't get taken in by their telemarketing campaign. It may be convincing but you can't rely on anything that they tell you.

All insurance companies don't like paying claims but if they are valid, they have to pay them, at least that's what I'd thought until I dealt with these people.

And you can't even argue your case with them. Once they get your deposit premium, they won't have anything to do with you as far as claims.

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This sound typical of most complaints for US Health Advisors. The client doesn't contact their agent and is uninformed about the process of submitting claims.

On Premier Choice policy there is no deductible on Dr visits or urgent care.

Only a $4000.00 stop loss is in place for all the really big stuff. Call your agent and have him/her explain the procedure.


This is not the USHEALTH I know! Are you paying your facilities or doctors before getting EOBs from the company?

Going out-of-network or misusing your policy?

I'm curious to know the extent of your situation. There may be willing and able help for whatever is going on!

Macon, Georgia, United States #1265123

What plan do you have, as they have several.

I have them as well and have never had a problem with paying a claim.

Call the main office for help

or do as I do and call your Agent.

Mine is Fantastic and will walk me through the best way to utilize their services

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