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Let me preface this by saying that i was an agent for the company and i did very well my first year and a half. When you first start with the company they tell you that they are saving america with what they do.

And as a new agent who was very close with the divisional manager i believed this person. However, they are simply there to make money. The agents are fed a bunch of canned words to sell these products. They are told that it is full blown health insurance which is not true.

They are indemnity and specified disease and sickness plans. They literally will not cover you if you're illness is not on the list of illnesses that they cover. On top of this many agents will put products in addition to what they tell you is health insurance such as medguard, which is a cash critical illness or what is known as a money purchase plan and other various ancillary products like life insurance. When in reality it is just for the few who are in management to make overrides off of the many agents that they have.

They train their agents to tell clients not to worry about the Obamacare tax that no one has ever paid it. They also tell them that if they do have to pay it along with the really cheap premium that they quote them would still be less than traditional health insurance plans. There is some truth to that however the insurance that they sell is nowhere near enough to keep your assets safe. I had a client who was in a skiing accident and he broke his leg and had a surgery that cost $60,000.

After the in-network discount the insurance company only paid $20,000 leaving my client to foot nearly $35,000 worth of medical bills. What they do is take several blanket policies to try and help cover some of the misgivings that the policies have but it's never enough. They will tell you stories about how they have clients who were injured and actually made money because of things like medguard and that their hospital bills were completely paid for but this is just not the case for most people who buy their insurance products. I thought for the longest time that I was doing the right thing and helping people but when I started to research and actually think about what I was selling to these people I realized very quickly that it was garbage.

The main reason this company exist is to make money from the bottom up. A lot of Agents are told of the stories of the CEO Troy mcquaig and how awesome he is but in reality it's just a funnel for money to hit straight to the top few levels of management. There are roughly eight regional managers in the company all of whom make several hundred thousand dollars and their number one Regional Tarina McCants makes over a million dollars a year to literally do nothing. And then you have your division managers who makes several hundred thousand dollars a year as well as satellite division managers who also make over a hundred to a few hundred thousand a year.

Then you have what's called an FSL most of them make well over 100,000 a year and then you have field training agents who are the lowest level of management who make usually still over 100,000. And then you have a few thousand agents most of whom make less than $30,000 a year because their goal is not to grow agents, their goal is to create an agent turn to where they are constantly getting new agents in. There are the handful of Agents that do make a lot of money but the majority of them are being fed stories about the top few agents and how they can achieve their dream. The company simply exists to make money and not do what their slogan of helping other people everyday would suggest.

If you have any questions about their products please do not hesitate to ask as I promise you the lines that they will feed you will be too good to be true and will not protect your assets no matter what the agent tells you. And just to give you a quick synopsis of what the insurance will not pay for, it will not pay for yearly physicals yearly pap smears yearly prostate exams it only pays $10 towards generic drugs and $30 towards brand name drugs. So if you have a prescription that cost $375 a month and it's a brand name you still have to pay $345 a month. Also if something happens to you like let's say you get cancer six months after having the policy they will say that you had the cancer before and say that it was pre-existing refund you your premiums and you will be out of luck.

Just to give you an example I had a client who was young lady who's insurance premium through Blue Cross would have been $275. I put her on what they call a plan one Premier Choice because she was concerned about cost and her plan was going to cost her $118 a month. One of her medications however was over $400 a month. Ushealth group would only pay $30 towards her prescription.

But if she would have gone with Blue Cross her out-of-pocket costs for her monthly medication would have been $40.

So you see when you try to save money on the front end with garbage insurance you wind up losing money on the back end because it won't pay for anything. I apologize for this being long-winded and again if anyone has questions about their products please please please ask me and I will be glad to tell you as I was a guru at their product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ushealth Advisors Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Company wrote 0 public responses to the review from Jun 02, 2017.
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Can I get your contact info? Email is annmariemarsh@icloud.com


Please send your contact to realnasd@hotmail.com. I would like to ask you some questions because I am very skeptical. Thanks


Thank you for your information! I have talked to 2 agents and they both tried to sell me numerous plans. When I had questions about routine preventive care they never directly answered me.


To be honest it sounds like this person themselves above chose to sell people based on price and not coverage. We are taught very firmly if there are better options out there for people then to point them to them.

Which I have more times done that and helped them enroll in other options then our plans. Anyone with diabetes for example, or costly prescriptions- this plan is not for you. Prior cancers- idk how you even got this plan unless your agent told you to lie about information. Obamacare is created for these very reasons.

As a "new agent" there is a time period you can state that you are new but it's time for you to own your own misrepresentation to customers. You tried to get "ahead", but you are at fault. You did not take the time to learn the products before pitching. You did not explain the plans well to people.

I do not offer this plan to people if they can not afford it. Simple as that. Even though it is cheaper then the current ACA plans (SOMETIMES!) it is not always the best choice for people. You chose to strip some of the parts off of the plan- or sell a plan called "secure access" which is a guaranteed issued plan and the one most people are complaining about here- but above it clearly is stated by you that you sold people purely on price and what benefited you.

I have no words to say about your feedback. If you work for the company then you can clearly see through what you are projecting, which is probably your bitterness for potentially being terminated for manipulating people like clearly you stated you did above. Let me share candidly what that 118$ a month plan probably was. 1000 of accident protection with a 100$ deductible- per accident (a low association level).

& he might have even not included the catastrophic premier med protection. To get a sale this person clearly did not think of the person's best interest. $240 was probably a discounted rate through the ACA based on their income to begin with- and he clearly chose to put them on a Premier choice plan even though the 240 option was the best choice for her. I would never do that.

As a decent person you need to be able to sleep at night too- and I personally have this plan myself- and I never put someone else on it if it will not work for them. You were misinformed and chose to misinform others.


False information.


This people just call me setting up an interview, they saw my resume on line, I wish I had your phone number, but please if you want to help me make an intelligent decision call me, name is Claudio 813-966-9843, thank You & May God Bless You !


Do not use this company


TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU WROTE !!! That is why i left after 5 years with them.

They took my so call stocks after promising it to you. You are NOT getting paid a commission, you are borrowing money !!! i left owing approx, $ 30K and others i knew others who ended up owing over 40K. Its true its not a MAJOR MEDICAL by no means.

Its a bunch of policies put together cutting corners and never pays what you thought. In essence, it is the same so called insurance as before ACA Obamacare. That is the reason why it was repealed and they chose not to participate. And the reviews that are criticizing you for being truthful are their Manager workers acting like clients.

Trust me i do know how they think and operate. I was there from the beginning. NONE of them cannot even sell ACA even if they wanted to because they have no NPN numbers either.

Great that you left. You finally are helping others by not selling them insufficient coverage.


I doubt the guru part of your comment as in your example you haven't mentioned that the young lady would have had a sizable deductible to make. Also you are not mentioning an app such as Goodrx that can save up to 70% on drugs as well as what the company pays.

The company is very open about the fact that they don't pay for wellness because those procedures paid cash out of pocket are much cheaper than what you will pay for them included on a ACA policy. Also you are not telling the truth about the company only paying $20,000 of a $60,000 bill. There is a $4000 stop lost by using the Premier Med option to the policy. As far as the mandate tax, the clients are told up front and it's on every brochure at the bottom of pages.

So far this year the IRS (ordered by President Trump in Jan.) has ignored the unchecked box on the tax form and not charged the penalty. If you were a guru agent instead of a disgruntled ex-US Health agent you would have done a side by side comparison of an ACA policy & US Health policy with examples. You have not done that so you are misleading people in your post and doing a discredit to a great policy underwritten for healthy people. US Health Advisors has over 15 million people on this policy with less than 100 complaints.

A.M.Best give a B+ rating and BBB an A. The ACA policies across the country are lucky to get a D and most cases an F. This policy is not for everyone.

If you feel better paying a few to several hundred dollars a month more to get wellness services included which may cost you out of pocket $300 to $500 dollars a year then you should be on the more costly policies of the ACA which have many restrictions.

Nothing like an angry ex-agent to slam a great product because the position didn't work out for them.

to Anonymous #1449988

That's garbage. ACA is far superior to the crap insurance being peddled by this company. Another scam orchestrated by Trump stooges.


To preface, I work for this company. I have coverage for my family with this company.

I love this company. We've had broken bones and big sicknesses on this plan and paid THOUSANDS of dollars less with this plan than the cheapest Obamacare plan we were eligible for. I sat with lawyers and accountants before taking this job to make sure it was legit. I don't need to work, I do because I love it and I love helping people.

This job presented itself, I did the deep digging and I am very very thankful I stuck it through.

I am disappointed in the amount of mis-information in this review. The fact is that health insurance in general is very difficult to navigate. This company makes no bones about not being Obamacare and being simply sickness and accident.

A good agent will always describe this to their client. Many Americans do not need to be covered for pregnancy, mental health, rehab, and other coverage. They may even morally object to birth control and abortions or other cosmetic surgeries that Obamacare will cover. Many other American's really need Obamacare because of all those same exact reasons.

A good agent understands this, explains this to their client and then helps them navigate understanding that just because you have insurance doesn't mean that you will never have out of pocket, that your hospital will make sure everything is billed correctly and that the insurance agency isn't gambling on whether you will need coverage or not. That is what all insurance is.

I've been in this gig for quite a while. I've dealt with MANY claims.

100% of the time. 100% = the issue has been with the hospital billers. And because I love my job so much, I have helped people who do not have private insurance plans navigate their bills that are billed incorrectly even on Obamacareplans.

All that being said, a good agent, regardless of the company they work for, should consistently educate themselves and that means staying in the know on what is going on with healthcare nationwide.

It means connecting with lawyers and accountants to understand what is going on in the marketplace. I have several connections with both worlds that are high up in their own businesses who understand the benefits of private plans and the limitations of them.

It seems as though, through a lot that I have read in this review, that your leader didn't do a very good job explaining the company, the growth, the income to you. There are many ways that to make money as an agent in this company that are incredibly unique.

And beyond that, show me a company where the leaders and managers and CEO's don't make more money than the beginning employees. Show me the CEO who started in that position, always making 6 and 7 figures. Every person I have worked under in leadership in every single company I have ever worked in started somewhere. Through hard work and determination, through overcoming objections in themselves and in what they do, they rose to the top.

So perhaps this job wasn't for you, but it sounds like there was also a dis-service in encouraging and educating you and that has in turn landed you in an angry state. In regards to claims. I have had MANY clients who have had to file claims and have a limited amount of dollars that they pay as well as supplemental coverage, JUST LIKE AFLAC, that pay out and eliminate out of pocket expenses. I also had a client who had a plan with no out of pocket expenses get a bill for $37k for an out of network surgery.

I negotiated that down to $5k for her. Would an agent at a huge company do that for a client? That is the company I work for. The one that has agents who loose sleep when their clients are in emergent situations and do their dardnest to reduce their out of pocket costs and do what is best for them.

If you've read all the way through this and are one of those people who've gotten a quote. Call your agent back. Ask them these questions. And also look into actually legitimate complaint pages instead of places where agencies can't even come back in and defend themselves.

That is all defamation of character and several of these site owners and creators are in jail for that same exact thing. And if you care so deeply about health coverage, read the news. Listen to the people around you who had "real coverage" and found out that the doctor who did their surgery, or delivered their baby, or took care of them in the emergency room were just contractors and therefore now you owe $20k in bills..no that Obamacare plan.

No company is perfect. Just inform yourself.

to Miss-imformation #1352163

I ended up cancelling my policy right after I got approved by USHealth. Main reason is not because of their products but because the agent was trying to hide the truth about the product.

People should read the plan's brochure thoroughly first and ask questions to agent. Their plan not being ACA compliant is clearly stated (in fine prints) in the brochure. When I asked about ACA compliance, my agent quickly tried to stir the subject in different direction until I told her that I had read in fine prints that this plan was not ACA compliant. She did not want to discuss waiting period (6-12 months) on certain illnesses either.

Also the benefit amount you receive in case of accident, with $500 deductible was different from what she told me. When I pointed that out, she said the benefit amount changed recently. Also I asked to check if the doctor's facility I usually go to is in the network. (She said any doctors and any hospitals but PPO does not mean you can go to any doctors and any hospitals) She said the doctor's office is in Cigna network (I have confirmed it myself as well) and the policy plan I am purchasing is in Cigna network, which I could not check it myself anywhere, so I had to trust my agent.

When I got a welcome package via e-mail, first thing I did was to find provider in the network, the only thing I could not confirm myself. What a big surprise!! My doctor's office does not appear in the plan's preferred provider list. I called the company and confirmed that my plan was not on Cigna network.

Then I called the agent and asked what was going on with this. Her response was that my plan soon WILL BE on Cigna's network in a few months...which may be true but I can not tell if it is or I just don't know how to find out.

Anyway, having expressed my disappointment and frustration, over all, I thought the Premier Choice product with optional riders seems to be a good product for healthy individuals who do not want to pay for what they don't need, providing the plan pays accordingly to what it says .

I know it is a headache to read through plan's brochure or summary of benefit but it is worth it in the end. After all health insurance needs is different from individual to individual.

Springdale, Arkansas, United States #1350077

I just met with an agent and provided information (banking, etc.). Now I'm worried that this is a scam.

My husband and I own a small business and were looking for an affordable health plan. So the health insurance isn't good - considering that our premiums with other companies might be $1000 beginning next year?

to MAnon #1360819

I assure you it's not a scam. Using routing number & account number has several reasons.

1: The bank you are with has identity information about you. It saves the insurance company from doing a full background check to make sure you're no a felon etc. 2: It also assures that your starting date is not affected and keeps the agent from having to call you repeatedly to get that information.

3: Since they are going to spend about $200.00 to do a background medical check (that you don't pay for) it sees that you are at least serious about getting a policy and not "kicking tires" all over town.

If you are healthy and no major pre-existing conditions this plan can not be beat. I am an agent with a pre-existing condition an sure wish I was accepted for this policy.


Hello, I'm hoping to contact the author for advice with buying health insurance. I've been contacted by US Health

Advisor and another health advisor.

So confused.


Looking forward to your response. DN


I am or was considering working for US Health. Might I ask what it is you do now?

I am considering a company that is not involved with health ins, but final expense.

It is NAA and so for am very much impressed. My email is muse9657@gmail.com

Lake Havasu City, Arizona, United States #1345510

Thank you for your very up front and honest words about this company. Having recently lost my insurance due to job loss, I was looking at this company to get my own insurance coverage.

I wish there were more people in this world with the morals and values that you have. I commend you for your "one of kind" honesty, may god bless you in your endeavors.

Miami, Florida, United States #1339675

Wow. I see your post was very recent, June 2nd.

I just became licensed, and am currently training with them. After reading your post, I started researching the company, and found a lot of people have had almost the same sentiment as you despite the company having an A+ rating with the BBB. So basically, my question is, so if you do sign up for Premier Choice coverage, which is obviously term health insurance which doesn't fall under the ACA, are you still paying the tax penalty? Also, from the training videos, you get a piece of paper to give to the provider stating your coverage, not an ID card.

What's that about? Finally, I understand the PPO provider network isn't with Cigna, but another company with that name. Sorry for asking you so many questions, but you really sparked my curiosity here.

If this is a junk insurance scam, I'm not interested, because like you, I'm in it to help people as well as make money. Thanks in advance for any information.

to Anonymous #1350304

The BBB also gave covington whos who an A+ for many years with over 160 complaints. Now they have an F but it took the years t drop their A+ to an F so always research companies and look at the complaints on the BBB.

to Anonymous #1360446

Do you still work for US Health Advisors? If so, how is it going?

I recently met with a Field Training Agent, but before I accept or decline the job, I'm trying to perform my due diligence.

Any information you could share with me would be greatly appreciated.


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