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I signed up with Freedom Life Insurance Company of America after my 18 months of COBRA. I was assured by my sales person this was the best coverage available.

Now i find out wellness/preventive care is not covered. What the *** They'll cover illness and accidents. So they won't cover a mammogram but they'll cover breast cancer treatment. Shrug They won't cover a flu shot but they'll cover the doctor's office visit and medicines if I get the flu.

How backwards is this??

I'm looking elsewhere asap. Shrug

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We now as of October 2018 have Wellness benefits. Many changes for the benefit of the client.

Definetly worth talking to an agent again.

Insurance is confusing, But a good agent will work with you until you understand what you are buying. No insurance is perfect for everyone.

to Michele Sebay #1585046

Probably a glorified "negotiation policy" like the parent policy. Funny how they defend why they didnt need to have a wellness policy and now the miraculously have one.


Par for the course. Horrible insurance


I agree the coverage is outstanding when put into the proper perspective. There is no other plan available where you will spend less money over a 12 month period when compared to a typical silver plan from the ACA.

you need to take into account your monthly premium and the deductible you must meet then the coinsurance.

Typically the money you spend on wellness out of pocket is more than offset in the monthly savings the first month. it's a no brainer

Ushealth Advisors Verified Representative

We only bring in healthy people so for someone to pay $100.00 to $200.00 per month on wellness visits like the ACA policies would not benefit our clients much. A physical can be negotiated cash price of $90.00 to $150.00.

A mammogram can be negotiated cash price under $200.00 or free a few months out of the year. Are you buying insurance for all the little stuff or to cover you immensely in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury? If the little stuff is more important than saving money on premiums or having a really big bill with something serious then the ACA is where you need to be., There is no other plan that has no deductible, no co-pay or no-co-insurance like US Health Advisors. Remember there is also a $4000.00 stop loss/deductible on critical issues and the policy pays you directly over and above the medical coverage up to $800.00 a day while in the hospital, has an accident policy that pays you direct up to $10,000.00 on an accident injury as well as a critical cash lump sum for a critical illness.

Tell you what: Send me $200.00 per month and I'll pay for your flu shots and mammogram per year. See how silly that sounds? Our policy is designed to save you big money in the long run that to pay for wellness.

BTW we are adding wellness as an add-on but again is it worth the money? Think smart healthcare.

to USHealthAdvisorsCares #1534793

I can't believe how sarcastic and rude this response is. "Tell you what..??" Thanks for giving me more evidence that this particular discount plan {NOT health insurance} is just what I said it was.

I pay almost $700 a month for two relatively healthy people and I get sarcasm and rudeness. Awesome.

to Diane Comp #1535055
Ushealth Advisors Verified Representative

The only "major medical" insurance is Obamacare (ACA). To get what you are wanting, that is the only policy that will accommodate you.

Depending on your age you could spend a lot more than $700.00 for two (unless subsidized). I'm sorry if you think I'm being sarcastic. I said what I said to express a point.

Usually when I tell someone that line people will laugh because they see how crazy it is to spend $100.00 to $200.00 a month which the ACA charges for wellness when out of pocket is so much less. Your agent was correct in telling you this is the best coverage available with an unlimited catastrophic with a $4000.00 stop loss.

to USHealthAdvisorsCares #1535308

If this is for accident and illness coverage then explain to me why I am paying out of pocket over $1000 for an emergency room bill? The "discounts" covered just over $400.

I was experiencing chest pain, short of breath and tightness in my chest. All the symptoms of a heart attack. I have no prior history of heart issues so this scared me. Luckily it was not.

However, the next shock was my so called insurance leaving me to cover the majority of the bill. I wonder what it does cover because it certainly isn't any illness or accident I've experienced so far.

The emergency room was at the local hospital that is supposedly a preferred provider. Like I've said I am very dissatisfied and unless things change I will continue to be so.

to USHealthAdvisorsCares #1535543
Ushealth Advisors Verified Representative

What I would do is contact your agent and give him the details to what happened so he can help. We probably should keep that private instead of discussing that in a public forum.

Did you have to stay in the hospital? Also remember on an ACA plan there is a deductible to satisfy first where there is none with your plan.

Always keep in contact with your agent. He/she is always there to help and guide you.

to USHealthAdvisorsCares #1557322

I tried contacting my so-called agent. He did not answer phone calls or texts.

When I called the customer service number explaining my concerns, I was told he no longer works for the company.

Unlike say my car insurance agent whom I can call anytime, I don't consider this person an agent. He was a sales guy, and he got a sales out of me, and that's all he did.

to USHealthAdvisorsCares #1559332
Ushealth Advisors Verified Representative

So did you talk to corporate about your concerns? They can assign a new agent to you.

to USHealthAdvisorsCares #1564072

Why should I call corporate offices? So they can tell me this is the coverage you signed up for?

I just got a bill for $200 for a mammogram. That's ridiculous. No wonder women don't get checked like they should. I also got a bill for over $170 for a well check up at my primary.

They are considered a preferred provider.

So for $650 a month for me and my son for this policy, I also currently have approximately $400 out of pocket just this month. Ridiculous.

to Diane Comp #1564109
Ushealth Advisors Verified Representative

A mammogram is considered preventative or wellness. It is NOT covered under your policy.

That's why the price is lower than the ACA. Next month the company is adding wellness as an option. I don't have the pricing yet but it will be in addition to the basic policy.

You may add it if you wish. It will cover mammograms.

to USHealthAdvisorsCares #1578545

In addition to the $650 I pay a month already? No thanks!

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