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US Health Advisors and US Health Group are the same company.Reached out to them because looking for an alternative to Obamacare as my premiums keep climbing.

At first I was very interested but then I sat down for a presentation that they do online and something didn't feel right. They walk you through this very confusing series of documents which they keep telling you are better than Obamacare. What made me suspicious. First he wouldn't really answer my questions, he just kept saying they would be answered later in the presentation.

RED FLAG They promise you an upfront payment if you get something really serious like cancer but then are really fuzzy on the back-end. RED FLAG There are multiple components to this health plan and you have to carry additional insurance to pay for everything else. None of it was really explained. RED FLAG He spent much of the time telling me why Obamacare sucks.

RED FLAG When I first spoke with him I told him what medications I was taking and he said there would be no problem qualifying. Then we went over their offer suddenly he wasn't sure that I would qualify and did not seem to have any record of what I told him in the first place. RED FLAG They tell you it's a major medical plan but are vague on what the second part of it covers. RED FLAG They have some sort of association (few details) that makes this particular plan even better.

RED FLAG The first section of the plan which they tout as wonderful for all who are healthy basically covers wellness which Obamacare mandates anyway. RED FLAG They don't give you anything in writing until you have signed. BIG RED FLAG There is more but you can see where this is going. What they do not tell you.

Their plan is not an approved health plan under Obamacare so you end up have to pay the annual penalty for not having insurance. They really don't cover everything at all and there are all sorts of formulas that get them out of paying for certain things. They promise you Cigna's network which is one of the weakest in the country.

There's more but you get my drift.Steer clear.

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I agree with Nicolas below.The agent you talked to did not know what he was talking about.

Once educated about the USHEALTH policy and a side by side comparison between the two there will be no question in your mind which is the better policy. Again this policy is underwritten.

It is meant for relatively healthy people that don't require a doctors visit every week.For those that qualify for this policy, the difference will be that on the ACA you will always have a high bill when considering the ACA has a usually high deductible and a co-insurance (unless you are subsidized) and the USHEALTH Advisors policy you could end up owing nothing or very little and possibly some money in your pocket to help you with excess medical expenses.


Your wrong on so many aspects of the company and plan.The agent you spoke with must not know what hes talking about.

Obamacare has you sign up online with out you getting anything in writing. But what USHA does is give you a 30 day free look period so if after 30 days you are unhappy with the coverage you get a full refund including your initiation (application fee) I have personally watched multiple clients and clients of my coworkers receive the lump sum check for critical illness. We never claim that our product is better than any other one out there so the agent had to be new or not knowledgeable. There are multiple products you can add on but the base plan is for sickness and accident coverage and if they want critical illness and a lump sum check that is an add on.

Based on him not knowing the medications and underwriting guidelines makes me think he was new since there are certain things he could have done to make the information easier to understand. I am sorry you had this experience but I can attest to the plan working better than the obamacare plan I cancelled to sign up with this company. Cigna is far from the worst network. And not to mention this is a Cigna PPO so you can leave your state and travel outside of your local area.

Most marketplace plans are only hmo or epo which restrict you to a local county and have a huge deductible if you ever go to the e.r. I went to the e.r and my deductible for a broken bone was $500. If I was on the blue cross plan I cancelled, It would have been max out of pocket of 13500 and I would have had to pay that entire amount.

I see your point with certain ways the agent described parts of the plan but I have seen nothing but happy customers and a family oriented company that cares about their people and clients.ITs a shame that they let new agents on the phones before they are properly trained.......

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