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Health Insurance Alert Do not buy health insurance though US Health Advisors. They sell junk health insurance through companies like Freedom Life Insurance of America.

It is not major medical. Some basic services are not covered. They only paid for one blood test and limit doctor office visits. They put Multi-Plan on the ID card and you think it is a health network but Multi-Plan/PHCS is not a health network.

They only set the payout that the insurance company is liable for. On a CT scan, Multi-Plan set the payout at $150 on a $5100 bill. Google "US Health Advisors ripoff", "Freedom Life Insurance of America ripoff", "PHCS ripoff" US Health Advisors did not mention an additional $45 per month membership fee with American Independent Business Coalition. The "Coalition" is administered by US Health Advisors.

Sounds like a "Racket" to me.

They also added Life Insurance of which there there was no mention of in the application process. I was able to cancel the policy fortunately,

Product or Service Mentioned: Ushealth Advisors Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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You are very uninformed about the policy. Yes, this is for healthy people.

The cost is much less than the ACA. They will pay for 6 doctor visits a year which carries over if you don't use them. How many doctor visits do you need? If more than 6 then you are not healthy and won't qualify for the plan.

BTW the American Independent Business Coalition fee is a one time of $40.00, not every month. The $60,000 accidental death and dismemberment insurance is a part of the American Independent Business Coalition association. The term life is an option and can be taken off. The big question is did you call your agent before getting the CT scan?

Of course not. There are parts of the policy that require a separate claim to be filed. As far as the network it is a nationwide PPO. Any doctor, any hospital.

It's all in the brochure. But then you never called your agent to get guidance. No, it does not cover wellness. That's on purpose.

Most wellness on any individual cost less than $300.00 per year. But of course, the savings per month outweighs that cost considerably.

If you need "basic" services then you are not healthy enough to be on this policy. The ACA would suit you better but at a cost of a deductible, a co-pay and at least a 20% co-insurance.

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Ushealth Advisors Verified Representative

Sound like you don't understand the policy very well at all. I'd be happy to explain it to you.

to USHealthAdvisorsCares #1488295

Explain it to me. Sounds like you don't understand the policy at all.

It's a limited Medical Indemnity plan with limits of coverage of certain medical expenses it will pay a very small portion of the actual charge.Just like this person noted, it paid it's limit of $150 of a $5100 MRi.Or maybe you do understand it, but don't give a crap.

My bet is it's the latter.Does it pay anything at all for Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy ? You do know like 1 in 2 or 3 Americans are developing Cancer, don't you ?

to Insurance Professional #1488679
Ushealth Advisors Verified Representative

If an MRI is done in network the client can get a substantial discount. I personally had a full MRI 6 months ago.

My cost was $200.00 out of pocket. This all goes back to calling your agent and let him/her guide you. Yes 1 in 3 get cancer. I am a survivor myself.

The $4000.00 deductible at the time of the occurrence when electing to upgrade to PremierMed will be your only expense as the insurance picks up the rest. At that time you will also receive $800.00 per day for hospital stay up to $24,000.00 per year which goes directly to you. No 80/20 coinsurance and no high ACA deductible. Just the $4000.00.

Being that cancer is a life threatening condition you will also receive approx. $41,000.00 in bulk for a 50 year old. Less if older, more if younger. That would certainly pay the $4000.00.

I do know the policy quite well.

There is also different levels that you can opt for even in the middle of a claim.Now all this with substantially lower premium rates than the ACA. Would you like to do a side by side and costs comparison?

to USHealthAdvisorsCares #1488685
Ushealth Advisors Verified Representative

I also have a PDF copy of a client that received $3783.60 of blood work done in a lab. Their total out of pocket was $176.46.

I tried to convert it to text so I could show you but haven't been able to do so yet. This is done by calling your agent and letting us shop for the best price in network.

to USHealthAdvisorsCares #1563981


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